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Two experienced artist managers and music industry professionals bring you their take on the modern day music business and how they mentally approach the profession of management. Join Blasko and Mike Mowery as they cover hot topics in the industry, answer fan questions, provide insight on sales numbers and showcase new music with a slant toward developing artists.
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Dec 15, 2016
Managemental Podcast - Episode 1 - "Welcome to 2017 - Music Business Predictions”
Welcome to the debut episode of the Manage Mental podcast. A weekly discussion on hot topics in the music biz for the up and comers, the brand newbies, the beginners and aspiring rock stars of tomorrow.  Let us help you uncover some of the mystery that is this competitive business of rock and roll.
Hosted Mr. Blasko ( & Mr. Mike Mowery (
Today we cover the Digital Music News article written by Paul Resnikoff - 12 Things That Won’t Happen In 2017 (My Music Industry Anti-Predictions). 
We don’t cover all 12 but pick the ones we find relevant to discuss.
1. Wireless headphones won’t take over the world (yet).
2. Apple won’t close its iTunes download store (yet).
3. Streaming music won’t reach 250 million paying subscribers. (Currently at 100 million.)
4. The Grammys will not be spectacular.
5. ‘Spotify screws artists!’ will finally die.
6. The music industry won’t change YouTube. (artists don’t want another losing war against technology (right or wrong).   Which means YouTube is all about exposure and micro-penny payments, in 2017 and beyond.)
7. Vinyl won’t disappoint.
8. Streaming will grow; the number of streaming companies won’t.
9. Blasko’s prediction - Someone will acquire and resurrect Metal Hammer and Classic Rock mags.
10. Mike’s prediction - 2017 is the year of the podcast for the music industry.
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