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Two experienced artist managers and music industry professionals bring you their take on the modern day music business and how they mentally approach the profession of management. Join Blasko and Mike Mowery as they cover hot topics in the industry, answer fan questions, provide insight on sales numbers and showcase new music with a slant toward developing artists.
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Jul 31, 2017

Blasko and Mike take on a big question this week from listener and aspiring manager, Kyle, on what it takes to be an artist manager, tune in for everything you need to know.


My name is Kyle and I’m an aspiring artist manager and new listener to the manage mental podcast. I’ve spent the last 10 years in the music industry, having founded and ran a band that became semi-successful and signed with a record label and did tons of touring. Since the band folded I have even built a recording studio and run my own graphic design business but ultimately my goal is to become an artist manager and help out others but I’m not quite sure how to approach it.


I’ve noticed many of the topics in the ManageMental podcast are geared towards artists and bands and how grow and develop ones’ own brand. 


But from the perspective of a manager, how does one aspire to become a successful artist manager such as yourselves? 


How does one go about approaching an artist to work with them and what are some important factors to take into consideration when working with artists?


Thanks again for putting together the ManageMental podcast and helping aspiring artists and artist managers such as myself learn and succeed.



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Jul 24, 2017

Article: 5 Strategies That Guarantee Success

Author: Johnny Dwinell



Mike and Blasko are back at it this week dropping music industry knowledge like you’ve never heard before! In the last episode the hosts discussed ways to kill a music career, now they’ll dig into ways to KEEP a music career with the following topics:


  1. Don’t Look In The Rear View Mirror:There is literally NOTHING you can do about the past, so spending 1 second of energy on it is an EPIC fail and a colossal waste of time.  The past is what got us here; our successes and failures are part of who we are so we have to embrace them.  



  1. Focus on What You HAVE Instead of What You Don’t Have:I promise the answers to all our future career questions and successes lies within the blessings we currently have, NOT in what we don’t have.  Any thoughts we entertain about what we don’t have is a cop out and quite damaging as it only sets up excuses to quit; negative thinking will never help us succeed.



  1. You Can Only Control RIGHT NOW:The past is the past, the future is the future the ONLY thing you ever have control over in your life is RIGHT NOW.  Huge selling artists all had success and record sales LONG before they had record deals.  They went to the negotiating table with the majors that ultimately signed them with a ton of leverage.  How could they have achieved all the record sales and success they did BEFORE they got signed if they were sitting around saying, “if we just had a record deal so we could get paid, then we could be stars.”  They didn’t wait for anything.



  1. Work:Work creates momentum.  We have to work.  When we are feeling really down about where you are there is literally no better remedy for the artistic blues than redoubling our efforts towards our careers.  



  1. Ignore the Haters:Especially the most powerful hater which is our own internal negative voice!  Again, listening to that voice or any other hater only leads to one result; an excuse to quit. I promise you for every reason you and your haters can create to predict your failure, I can find 10 people that overcame the same hardships and succeeded.  It’s all up to you; nobody else.



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Jul 20, 2017

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Jul 16, 2017


Article: “17 Ways To Kill A Music Career” by Paul Resnikoff


Blasko and Mike pick their top 5 ways to kill a music career (out of Resnikoff’s 17). Follow along as they discuss the following points:


1) Relying on a label, manager or anyone besides yourself to build your career.


Even with a label deal, bands can find themselves de-prioritized, or flat-out ignored.  But these days, labels rarely sign bands that aren’t successfully working and developing their audiences.  If you’re not investing in your music career, day in and day out, neither will a label.  Which means that DIY isn’t some alternative approach, it’s essential for the survival, breakthrough, and growth of any artist.



2) Not selling merchandise.


If you’re not setting up a stand at all shows with a full range of merchandise, then you’re missing out on serious income.  This is money that could fill your gas tank and pay for food. Fans want to help you build a successful music career.  But you have to make it easy for them.



3) Not being completely available.


A good manager will feed you opportunities, online and off, because that’s what you paid him to do.  You need to show up to them, and feed the momentum. The era of the distanced, untouchable rock star has ended.



4) Being in it for the money.


You’re delusional and will probably make more money working at McDonald’s.  The reality of this business is that an extremely large percentage of artists are poor, and most of the successful ones were poor at one time.  Even worse, sometimes a successful music career means survival, not lavish luxuries. All of which means if you’re not motivated by the the music, the passion to create and play, and the camaraderie of it all, you should honestly be doing something else.



5) Paying to inflate Twitter followers, Facebook likes, DatPiff downloads, and YouTube views.


Labels, venues, and potential managers are all-too-familiar with these scams.  But more importantly, paying for fake followers distracts precious resources away from developing organic fans, the lifeblood of any successful artist. Without real fans, you don’t have a real band, period.


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Jul 10, 2017


In this episode Blasko and Mike tackle the subjects presented in Carlos Castillo’s article “Defining Success and How To Achieve It with A Career In Music”. Follow along as they show you the ropes from personal experiences and give context to the article, to help you define your own success.


The first requirement for being successful in anything is to define what success means to you. That is one of the biggest challenges musicians face today. There is no standard to follow. It’s not like going to college, where there is a defined set of measurable parameters. You attend classes, you pass exams, you write papers, and after completing all of the requisite steps you succeed in earning your degree. That’s an ideal scenario where you can demonstrate that you are making progress and, therefore retain the ever so important support of your friends and family. Unfortunately, the pathway to a career in music isn’t so cut and dry.


So how do you turn music into a viable option as a legitimate career choice and convince your friends and family (and more importantly yourself) that you can and are succeeding? Here are a few traits that you need to embody if you are going to go against the grain and make music your full time income.


  1. Avoid Self-Deprecation.Always remember that you are your own worst critic. When you are in front of other people, the last thing you want to do is feed their beliefs that you can’t make it as a musician. 


  1. Show No Fear.“confidence is key.” That’s how you accomplish the impossible. The fear will alwaysbe there. Once you know that, you can choose not to let it control you.


  1. Be Authentically Confident. In the business world they say, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It is because of the peripheral psychological effect that comes with dressing and acting the part to which you aspire. The same thing goes for music. You wanna be a rock star? Then start acting like one. Maintain your performance persona from the moment you walk in the door until the last embers of the after-party die out. The trick here is that you have to believe it.


  1. Welcome Criticism. Nothing helps you learn and grow faster than constructive feedback. It’s easy to get lost in the universe that you create with your music. Of course, that universe can easily be shattered when it collides with the “real world.” 


  1. Develop Your Talent.You must commit to spending time every single day practicing your craft. I know there is a lot of other stuff to do like performing, networking, booking, marketing, and tweeting. But it’s all for naught if you aren’t consistently creating mind-blowing music and advancing your skills.


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