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May 12, 2017



How does a band break and become famous? We all know there is no simple answer to this. However successful people do have habitual similarities that have been theorized as the foundation for their success. So... it stands to reason that perhaps there are reoccurring themes and actions that can be found in successful bands that can be reverse engineered for a new generation. 


So… How do Bands break out and Become Famous? According to Matt O-Dowd a self proclaimed band dude, songwriter and composer the answer is not easy, but attainable. He writes: 


Be extremely good at music. So good that people can't ignore you.


Some ways to achieve this:

  • Develop a unique sound that is unmistakably you. Most successful artists of all mediums become famous for a signature style. 
  • Write extremely good songs that total strangers are interesting in hearing again. Your friends and your mom will say everything is great. They cannot be trusted.
  • Listen to tons of music in a diverse range of genres, thus acquiring better instincts, greater knowledge, and better tastes. Listen to songs and sounds you love, and try to figure out why you love them. 
  • Find excellent creative partners and collaborate with them. Most great music is a team effort. Get used to the idea of ditching bad ideas and freely exchanging criticism. 
  • Be awesome at playing live, and find ways to make your shows memorable and unique.
  • Record good stuff on your own. In your bedroom. In a friend's studio. Whatever. You really don't need very much money to make an excellent sounding record. 


Mentions in this episode: Lorna Shore commercial (, Refused’s Shape of Punk to Come (, and Cryptic Slaughter (


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