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May 22, 2017
Part 2 of our “The Big Question” seires - How Do Bands Break Out and Become Famous?
Here is the article by Matt O'Dowd, Band Dude, Songwriter, and Composer
Be extremely good at marketing and relationships.
Some ways to achieve this:
  • Become friends with people involved in music. Bookers, band dudes, bar owners, journalists, and music fans. Friends will help each other out, come out to shows, make introductions. Emailing Mp3s to strangers is largely a waste of time.
  • Develop a local following of people who like your music. This does not have to be a huge group of people, but if you invite a journalist to come check out your show, it should feel exciting. When people are dancing and singing the words, that excitement is contagious.
  • Develop a "story." Something that makes it really easy to talk about your band. Two twin sister lesbians singing harmonies? Cool! The band met in a barfight? Cool! This guy's sleeping with a Hearst daughter? Cool!
  • Be kind to people. Real rockstars are not assholes. They have a presence that makes those around them feel special and energized. 
  • Use the internet with expertise and keep in touch with fans and contacts. Always have something new to talk about.
  • Work hard and be patient. Recognize that this will likely take a long time and that there is no such thing as an overnight success.

And if any of this seems like a hassle, go to Medical School instead. You will help people, earn the respect of your community, make nice money, and never have to worry about a job. Music is high risk you are almost guaranteed to fail. Many are called. Almost none are chosen. But if you can make it work its one of the greatest adventures ever.
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