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Two experienced artist managers and music industry professionals bring you their take on the modern day music business and how they mentally approach the profession of management. Join Blasko and Mike Mowery as they cover hot topics in the industry, answer fan questions, provide insight on sales numbers and showcase new music with a slant toward developing artists.
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Jun 5, 2017

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This week  Mike and Blasko answer listener Shaun Paramore’s questions about choosing the right manager. She writes:


Please discuss the importance and many things to take into consideration before choosing professional management. Choosing the wrong management can take the wind out of your sails over a period of time and in many cases have led to the disbanding of a group that excelled musically but did not know the industry and trusted their team and was mishandled in every way. Such was the case personally with my old band


-Should you go with management who has a similar sounding artist who have found a certain degree of success or the other direction with management that doesn't have an act like you yet? Will you fall into a formula of what's worked for those before you or create your own path


-How do you go about determining how much success a courting management has been apart of or responsible for when looking into their existing lineup?


-How much control and influence do you let your management and label have? Many managers and label personnel are not artists themselves so there can be conflict in terms of direction. How much conflict should be allowed?


-Once comfortable with your choice for management. What kind of contract should be discussed? Should a band be held to contract if they feel their management is not fulfilling their duties with the upmost attention and competence?


-Lastly. Your personal thoughts and opinions. Would either one of you work with an up and coming artist you believed to have a sound, drive and plan if they firmly decided to stay independent from label representation at that time in their developing career?


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