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Jul 16, 2017


Article: “17 Ways To Kill A Music Career” by Paul Resnikoff


Blasko and Mike pick their top 5 ways to kill a music career (out of Resnikoff’s 17). Follow along as they discuss the following points:


1) Relying on a label, manager or anyone besides yourself to build your career.


Even with a label deal, bands can find themselves de-prioritized, or flat-out ignored.  But these days, labels rarely sign bands that aren’t successfully working and developing their audiences.  If you’re not investing in your music career, day in and day out, neither will a label.  Which means that DIY isn’t some alternative approach, it’s essential for the survival, breakthrough, and growth of any artist.



2) Not selling merchandise.


If you’re not setting up a stand at all shows with a full range of merchandise, then you’re missing out on serious income.  This is money that could fill your gas tank and pay for food. Fans want to help you build a successful music career.  But you have to make it easy for them.



3) Not being completely available.


A good manager will feed you opportunities, online and off, because that’s what you paid him to do.  You need to show up to them, and feed the momentum. The era of the distanced, untouchable rock star has ended.



4) Being in it for the money.


You’re delusional and will probably make more money working at McDonald’s.  The reality of this business is that an extremely large percentage of artists are poor, and most of the successful ones were poor at one time.  Even worse, sometimes a successful music career means survival, not lavish luxuries. All of which means if you’re not motivated by the the music, the passion to create and play, and the camaraderie of it all, you should honestly be doing something else.



5) Paying to inflate Twitter followers, Facebook likes, DatPiff downloads, and YouTube views.


Labels, venues, and potential managers are all-too-familiar with these scams.  But more importantly, paying for fake followers distracts precious resources away from developing organic fans, the lifeblood of any successful artist. Without real fans, you don’t have a real band, period.


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