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Feb 6, 2017
Article: by John Kowalski
In order to truly define your brand, you should break down the 5 W’s. 
So what are the five W’s you ask? 
When defining these for your Music it goes like this…. who your audience is, what they like, why they would follow you, where they are, when you will interact with them, and how this interaction takes place.
Who is demographics; are they male or female (a mix of both?), what age group are they in? Do they speak other languages? If it is a demographic, chart it. Compare your current audience to your desired audience.
What should include what you are offering; what need are you fulfilling for your audience? Are you creating a song that makes them smile and turn a bad day around? What about a performance that inspires and takes them away for a few hours?
Where should encompass their physical location, where they vacation, where they hang out online, wherever you will find your audience. Include all physical and virtual locations.
When is a little harder to define. Will you interact with them at an in-person event, or will they discover you through a friend. Where can they reach you? Where can you reach them?
Why should contain all the reasons your audience wants to follow you. What benefit does your brand give them?
How is what sets you apart from others in your trade. How often do you interact with your audience, how is it going to be different from other musicians?
Remember: Your brand is a perception or a feeling that speaks to your audience’s emotions. It’s what you stand for and what your art represents. Your brand is the foundation of any relationship with your current or future audience.
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