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Mar 6, 2017
We were recently contacted by a music biz colleague, Attorney Mark Kesten. He voiced some concerns regarding issues that he encounters with a lot of young bands feeling misinformed about when and why and how to hire an attorney. We even call our good friend Los Angeles-based music attorney Eric German to weigh in on today's topic. 
This was the basis of Mark’s email to us… 
"I check out a good number of music industry podcasts and find that, for the most part, nobody speaks about the role an attorney can play in the very early stages of an artist’s career. Some bands have made critical mistakes in signing agreements early on without seeking counsel and these agreements end up really hurting their chances for success.  Similarly, I also speak to a number of young managers that are unaware of the role attorneys can play in a young artist’s development."
So, let’s dispel a few myths… 
1. You don’t get a good attorney until much later in your career. 
2. You cannot afford a good music lawyer. 
3. A band's manager should be reviewing and negotiating their contracts for them in the place of an attorney.  
Eric German, a music attorney who represents a number
- What are some of the bands you represent? 
- Where does one look to hire a music biz attorney? 
- Do bands need to hire a specific music business attorney or will any legal representation be sufficient? 
- When is the right time to hire a music biz attorney? 
- How much does it cost? 
- Your best piece of advice for developing bands? 
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